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Mental Health
the largest initiative to date that will make the greatest impact on the global stigma surrounding Mental Health
Caring for our mental health is necessary. It's empowering. But due to societal stigmas surrounding mental health and a lack of accessible resources about it for all communities, not everyone is able to care for their mental health. We're here to change that.
Our mission is to provide a collaborative environment for students to learn about topics in social medicine, as well as highlight important news and women in medicine. MedSoc Talk is here to encourage future leaders to be educated about the social and economic disparities in medicine in order to enact necessary positive change within the field.
Anxiety & Depression
Eating Disorders
Self Esteem & Healthy Body Image
The Body Positive is a nonprofit organization that teaches people to listen to their bodies, learn, and thrive. Our ultimate goal is to end the harmful consequences of negative body image: eating disorders, depression, anxiety, cutting, suicide, substance abuse, and relationship violence.
Physical Health
COVID-19 has affected millions around the globe and everybody is struggling to deal with it in a different way. The purpose: to provide a creative outlet for children, teenagers, and adults to share their projects, hobbies, and boredom busters, a place for working parents to share tips on childcare and find activities/videos for their kids, and a place to provide guidelines on how to stay safe during this time.
Spreading a mission of kindness, education, and to see one another as individuals. Only together can we uplift our communities & feel less alone.
The Covid NineTEEN project provides FREE teen-led activities and one-on-one tutoring meant to support elementary school students. Our teen mentors help keep children motivated and take stress off of parents.
Our mission is to show that community how important it is to take care of yourself whether it be on the field or outside. Mental health is a very prevalent issue in sports and should definitely not go unnoticed during these tough times.
Supportive Teens is a non-profit organization made by a group of high school students, joined with local charities to support the community!
A student-led organization focused on helping others learn about everyday medicine and COVID-19 effects
The We Cancerve Movement, Inc. is a nonprofit organization created by youth to bring happiness to some of society's most vulnerable youth: children experiencing homeless, illness and who are in foster care.            
For more than 10 yeares, Shred Kids' Cancer has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for children, who are under-serviced among those stricken by cancer. 501 ©(3)             
Encourage and support every family impacted by childhood cancer.
To dismantle racism in medicine and promote the health, well-being, and self-determination of people of color.
feminist podcast sharing all the sex ed u never got thru storytelling, centering LGBTQ+ ppl & POC
Our mission is simple: to offer free and confidential reproductive health services in a relaxed parent-free environment.
The IgNITE Medical Case Competition is a one-day bilingual poster presentation contest held annually at the University of Ottawa. While still very new to the conference scene, IgNITE has quickly become one of the most diverse and prestigious research competitions
40 Years Since is a fundraiser event designed to celebrate AIDS treatment research and to commemorate the lives lost along the way. At 40 Years Since, local art vendors, musical entertainment, and HIV/AIDS activist speakers will share their stories
Global Equality for Medical Care Organization; a student-run charity dedicated to making healthcare accessible to all

Heart Hugs brings comfort to cardiac patients undergoing open heart surgeries. Heart Hugs sends pillows worldwide with the help of a volunteer network. Heart Hugs also provides compression heart pillows to the children at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. If you or child you know needs a compression heart pillow, , contact them! You can also volunteer.

If there are organizations that have helped you, please send them to so we can add them here!
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