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GenZEducates is an organization promoting students' rights to call for reform to the education system. Read on below to find out more!

Tell us all about you and your organization!

Hello! Thank you for having me! My name is Emmanuella Desruisseaux and I am 16 years old, and a rising junior. I started this organization mainly because of everything that’s going on in the world, and already have been going on. During quarantine more people have been turning towards social media to keep themselves busy. On social media many people express their feelings and beliefs. These times made me realize how little people are aware of problems happening in the world and how little people know about history that isn’t whitewashed. So I decided to use social media as a way to educate others and allow for them to advocate and educate others as well. I started this organization because I wanted my generation to take a stand and reform the education system.

Why do you think it’s important for your generation to let their voices be heard?

I think that it's important for my generation to let our voices be heard because many adults already don’t take us seriously and expect little from us. When we let our voices be heard we can use that as an opportunity to prove them wrong, and to educate them and each other.

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future?

I’m actually very optimistic about the future, because I know that my generation is doing so much in order to make the world a better place. We aren’t afraid to tackle important issues or to fight for what we believe in. I believe real change is coming!

What are the most important issues facing our world right now? And in the future?

Right now the world is having a movement! Many are joining together to let people know that black lives matter and that we need to fix the justice system, not only in the United States but in other countries as well. There is also the Yemen crisis that not many are aware of or are choosing to make a priority in their lives. In the future, the issue in the United States is figuring out who our next leader will be and what the outcome of that leadership will be.

What does your organization offer that helps the world be a better place?

In order to make the world a better place my organization offers different resources to create an anti-racist/inclusive environment for others, especially in educational institutions. When our website comes out, it will include resources to help with college, and resources of how to help other students in the world, as well as blogs that students all over the world will have chances to write so that they can tell others about their perspectives/feelings, in or about school. On all platforms we will post about history(ex: black/african american, native-american, pacific/asian american, hispanic/latinx), and have posts regarding those who are disabled and women. We also post calls/emails to actions so that students can reach out to their representatives and state senators to get them to repeal or support a bill associated with the education system.

Will you be voting in the next election?

For the upcoming election I can’t vote because I’m underage, but for the election after this one I will definitely vote!

Please tell us all about your current campaigns, projects and endeavors.

Where can people find you online and on social platforms?

Right now I’m doing a project with my school district to change the curriculum from euro-centric to more multi-cultural and anti-racist. I’ve been meeting with them for the past couple of weeks. I’m also working with my school’s guidance department to add more resources for minority/first-gen/low-income students as there are none at the moment. I am also working with them, so that they can give more support to students to get jobs and/or apply for college.

If there is anything else you would like to say, please do!

I would like to say that I believe all students should be given an adequate education. Education is a right, so I believe that students should be given equity in education. It is an important part of society and a person should not be denied basic education regardless of their location, gender, age, race/ethnicity, or income. Also, educate yourself on how to be an anti-racist, and be willing to listen to other peoples perspectives on certain situations to either educate them or learn something new!

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