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Mental Health IO

Mental Health IO is taking on important work in furthering the conversation on mental health, read on!

Tell us all about you and your organization!

Hi! We are Alida Pahlevan and Jaideep Grewal, two high schoolers from New York. MentalHealthIO is a project we started in an effort to combat mental illness in the world today. Society and, as a result, culture have drastically changed in today’s world. Social media has caused an immense decline in the time we spend with each other on an intimate level. We no longer have the face-to-face connection we once had — making the exchange of meaningful experiences and helpful information that can uplift others in difficult times few and far between. This is why our goal as a team is to teach and connect others as well as share narratives. Through our platform we aim to research mental illnesses and bring light and awareness to these diseases! 

Why do you think it’s important for your generation to let their voices be heard?

Our generation was born in a unique time. The development of technology rapidly progressed throughout our childhood. Therefore, we have a very different view on how the world should work, and it is important for others to hear our perspectives. As many of us are from diverse backgrounds, there has been a trend for a lack of initiative or awareness for teen mental health. Especially in communities that stigmatize mental health and often denote it as taboo.

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future?

We are very optimistic about the future because Gen Z tends to be very progressive in their outlook on life, illustrated by the events that have occurred the past few months during the pandemic. From the Hong Kong protestors to the Black Lives Matter advocates, Gen Z never steps down from achieving their goals. 

What are the most important issues facing our world right now? And in the future?

Other than the obvious issues that rose from the COVID-19 pandemic, there is also police brutality, gender inequality, political unrest, and a rise of mental illness. In the future, we hope there are measures to implement gun control and efforts to decrease world hunger.

What does your organization offer that helps the world be a better place?

Our organization spreads awareness about mental illness and our mission is to share narratives of individuals who have dealt with these issues, as well as through research and interviewing mental health care professionals. We hope to create a positive change in teen society as well as the mental health community.

Will you be voting in the next election?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to vote in the next election because we both won’t be 18 by the time of elections. 

Please tell us all about your current campaigns, projects and endeavors.

Tell us where you can be found online.

We are currently in the process of recruiting team and executive board members! Also our website is currently being developed. All our social media links can be found through our LinkTree:  

If there is anything else you would like to say, please do!

For the future we plan on conducting research projects to combat mental illness and raise awareness. We are also looking into fundraising events as well as takeovers by mental health care professionals! 

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