THE GEN Z COLLECTIVE is an impactful platform for Generation Z to express themselves, find support,

organize, and find direction and guidance for the issues that are most important to them.

The GEN Z COLLECTIVE features short films, art work, poetry, writing and audio recordings created by and for Gen Z youth from all over the world. These works will be featured on our website, Instagram and our Youtube Channel.

The GEN Z COLLECTIVE encourages Generation Z to submit any form of self-expression to the project by contacting us at info@genzcollective.com for submission information.

If selected, the curated submissions will become part of the project on our website, Instagram and YouTube Channel.

All topics address issues and concerns that face Gen Z:

  • Climate change

  • Immigration

  • Women’s rights

  • College

  • LGBTQ+ rights

  • Politics

  • Voting

  • Nuclear war

  • Technology

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Drugs & Alcohol

  • Bullying

  • Sexual Abuse and Predatory Behavior

THE GEN Z COLLECTIVE celebrates today’s youth by giving them a powerful platform to discuss issues, vent their concerns, and be part of the conversation.

*All platforms will be moderated to ensure against

any form of hate speech or predatory behavior.


United States