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Submit your organization to be added to our ever-growing DIRECTORY designed to promote and support young people around the world. Each organization either helps young people

Find Help , Connect, or both!

Find Help

  • provides direct assistance to young people


  • connects young people to each other and the world

Film Submission Description

Film Submission

We provide a space for young people to voice their opinions, and start conversations!

Your video will be featured on the Gen Z CollectiveWebsite, Instagram & YouTube

Keep it:

To The Point (About a minute or less)



Self-shot (We want to hear from YOU)


Article Submisson Description

Article Submission

Young writers have a unique perspective that is incredibly valuable in furthering conversations on all kinds of topics. Write from the heart, share what's on your mind!

Topics Can Include

  • Environment

  • Physical/Mental Health

  • Spirituality

  • Science

  • Anything else affecting you!

  • Politics

  • School/College

  • Money/Finance

  • Technology

You can also request to be part of our interview series!

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