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Voting & Politics


We are an unbiased and apolitical voter resource. We help you find your #PoliticalMatch with our Candidate Matchmaker, a mix of Tinder, Bumble, Hinge & politics.


Organization dedicated to sharing teen perspectives on contemporary social justice issues


The Innocence Project, founded in 1992 by Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck at Cardozo School of Law, exonerates the wrongly convicted through DNA testing and reforms the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice.

Gun Reform

Our mission is to build youth power in marginalized communities throughout the nation and encourage legislative advocacy to prevent gun violence, while shifting public discourse towards an evidentiary approach to keeping schools and communities safe


Ending mass incarceration in CA by activating the power of people it has directly impacted.


The All Voting is Local campaign fights discriminatory barriers to the ballot before they happen to build a democracy that works for us all.

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