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Potential interview questions

A sample list of questions for the GenZ Collective & the Arts shoot and performance is below.

The interview could include these topics along with others along similar lines.

These are meant to elicit your feelings and opinions. 


  1. In a rapidly changing world with so many conflicts and important issues, what are you most concerned about today? What are you most optimistic about?

  2. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 20 years?

  3. As a young person moving into adulthood, is life what you thought it would be when you were a kid? 

  4. Why have you chosen to be an artist/performer/writer? Do you think the Arts matter in this day and age? Art education?

  5. Who are your biggest artistic influences? How does their work impact you as an artist?

  6. As the discussion of AI at the forefront, what are your thoughts about its impact on the Arts and the world?

  7. Your generation has the potential of having a significant, if not defining, impact on American democracy. How do you define democracy? How do you feel about the state of our country’s democracy? Do you believe your generation’s involvement in our political system is important? Why? How? (How does your involvement differ from your parent’s and/or your grandparents?)

  8. What are the top two or three societal issues that are important to you? Do you think those differ from those of your parents or your mentors? Are they different from the Gen Alpha’s that are following you? 

  9. What is the biggest difference between your generation and your parent’s generation? Your generation and your grandparent’s generation? Your generation and the Gen Alpha’s that are following you? 

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