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The Gen Z Collective Sites and Apps Directed to Children Under 13
Current as of January 1, 2020

For the purposes of its Privacy Policy, The Gen Z Collective has designated as directed to children under 13 all The Gen Z Collective Sites (as that is defined in this Privacy Policy), except for the following:

The Gen Z Collective sites that are designated as directed to children under 13 include, but are not limited to, the following:

@tgzcollective on Instagram

@tgzcollective on Twitter

@tgzcollective on Facebook

The Gen Z Collective  may also host additional mobile applications, TV Everywhere apps, digital offerings through home assistant devices, and temporary microsites. If you have questions about whether a mobile app, TV Everywhere app, digital offering through a home assistant device, microsite, or any other The Gen Z Collective Site is directed to children under 13, please contact us at:

The Gen Z Collective c/o Flapper Films - 10061 Riverside Drive, #115, Toluca Lake, CA . 91602

Or email us at:

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